Hotties Wholesale

Interested In Stocking Hotties? 

I created Hotties to provide better quality hot chocolate to the world. We would love to see it stocked far and wide possibly in your cafe or shop.

We can provide both large catering bags to be served in your coffee shop, restaurant or hotel as well as retail bags and gift boxes for gift shops, deli's or garden centres. 

Below is some frequently asked questioned followed by a email form:


Everything you need to know...

How do I order?

Want to place an order for Hotties?

Simply send Reuben an email to order via or using the contact form below stating what product and quantities you need!

You can also order via Instagram Messenger

How fast can I get it?

Need Hot Chocolate in a Hurry?💨

We aim to deliver your repeat monthly wholesale orders within 3-5 days.

For bespoke orders it can take a anywhere from 2 days to 2 weeks depending on quantities but we can be flexible to work with you to deliver just on time!

Where can I find price lists?

You can request our wholesale product list using the link above. For a detailed price list please email Reuben at

Where do you deliver to?

Worldwide Baby 🚚🌎✈️

We can delivery almost anywhere in the world so don't be afraid to reach out. Delivery prices are currently £5 anywhere in NI, €10 in IRE and £8 UK mainland.

Refill Shops?

Simple answer... Yes

We can and do currently supply our hot chocolate in a zero waste way to refill shops across the UK & Ireland. We sell by the kg and can provide additional materials to display & promote our choccy!

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