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Hotties Chocolate

Mini Hot Chocolate Gift Box

Mini Hot Chocolate Gift Box

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Introducing Hotties For A Hottie. A mini Hotties Hot Chocolate gift parcel to send to your nearest and dearest. 

It's harder than ever to meet up, connect & comfort your Hotties.

We came up with Hotties For A Hottie - a way to send your Hotties some love from afar!

Do you have a Hotties in need?!

Going through a Messy Break-Up? A BFF fall out? Anxiety? Loss of Confidence? A visit from Aunt Flo? or just generally feeling down? Send your Hottie a mini parcel of joy!   

What's Included In A Hotties For A Hottie?

x1 Hot Chocolate Flakes 30g (1 Cup) 

x1 Packet of Mini Marshmallows 

x1 Hotties Note Card with a personalised message 



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